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Ferris Research, Computerworld, Identum, Karmasphere, MailShell, Symantec, Trend Micro, Scalix, Gerson Lehrman Group, Panasonic, BlackSpider, IBM/Lotus, Kerio, Novell, Data Connection, Sun Microsystems, Engineering Selection, TechDentics, The Royal Forestry Society.

(not a complete list, mainly for reasons of confidentiality—e.g., when I've worked on expert witness contracts)

Recommendations, via LinkedIn

“Richi has been a key contributor to Computerworld's blogs website for two years. He is a great writer in terms of his knowledge of the subject matter, creativity, and "voice," and has never missed a deadline.” June 4, 2007

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Ian Lamont
hired Richi as a Writer/Editor in 2005, and hired Richi more than once

“Richi is smart, knowledgeable and honest. His work product, counsel and analysis consistently exceed my expectations.” June 28, 2006

Eytan Urbas, VP Products and Marketing, Mailshell Inc.
was Richi's client

“Richi Jennings & Associates is a key part of our strategic direction resource pool. He has provided valuable resources, contacts, and insight into the email security market that has been very useful to Espion International's (eplj.pk)” June 6, 2006

Drew Burdsall, CEO, Espion International Inc.
was Richi's client

“Richi is a great communicator. I've had the pleasure to have Richi as my moderator at the email security shootout panel in INBOX 2006. I highly recommend Richi!” June 5, 2006

Stas Bekman, Director of Development, mailchannels.com
worked with Richi at Richi Jennings Associates

“Richi is an excellent out of the box thinker. He has a unique and refreshing approach to the business of tracking the electronic comms industry. His years of experience show through in his insight and professionalism. Would highly recommend!” March 7, 2005

Howard Price
was Richi's client

“Positive attitude, good at all levels, offers workable effective solutions for real problems.” March 31, 2004

James Eborall
was Richi's client

“I worked with Richi on a daily basis at Samsung Contact. He constantly demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and was a favorite among our largest customers. Richi is also one of the most ethical individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. A refreshing character trait to say the least. --Rich” July 28, 2005

Richard Whitaker
worked with Richi at Samsung Contact

“Richi was a key person in setting the strategic technology direction and presenting the company to customers and analysts. He was able to provide a unique bridge between R&D and Sales/Marketing.” April 14, 2004

Stuart Barry, General Manager, Samsung Contact
managed Richi at Samsung Contact

“Richi and I worked indirectly together at HP whilst I worked on the HP Process Manager Project. His many contacts obtained through years of service and detailed knowledge of product architectures within HP made him a great resource to know within the project team. Richi has since branched out into new technologies, the details of which he is able to communicate effectively and with humour (a great asset when dealing with some of the more dry aspects of IT!).” November 17, 2006

Larissa Flynn, Technical Trainer, Hewlett-Packard Ltd
worked with Richi at HP (OpenMail)

“I worked with Richi while building a strategic relationship with OpenMail (as part of HP). Richi prooved to be the individual who could succintly address technical, architectural, and market issues. He was a true asset to HPs OpenMail.” October 6, 2005

Ross Duncan
was with another company when working with Richi at HP (OpenMail)

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