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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Bum. I got Tagged.

Ann Elisabeth Nordbø (aka The Spamhuntress) tagged me earlier. That means I am duty-bound, dear reader, to tell you three things you may not know. Hmmm...

  1. My first real job was at Thorpe Park -- a theme park in an old gravel pit near Staines. I was a pirate on Treasure Island. 1983.
  2. I first used email and IM in 1985. God bless JANET, BSD, PDP11s, and VT100s.
  3. I've never had measles or mumps. As you may know, I recently got chickenpox (don't follow link if you're of a nervous disposition).
  4. I actually get paid to blog -- by Computerworld (where I write IT Blogwatch) and Ferris Research (where I edit/manage the weblog and occasionally write).
  5. I'm an only child (does it show?)
  6. You are number 6.
My other duty is to blog tag five other poor unfortunates. How about: the Notes-tastic Ed Brill, Karma-chameleon Meng Weng Wong, poly-mathematical Ian Lamont, Irish assassin Justin Mason, and the most mysterious "Ravelox".

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Blogger Ed Brill said...

Man I've been tagged twice! I just can't think of anything.

Thu Dec 21, 06:55:00 PM UTC  

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